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About Troy Herbst

VP of Terrible Herbst | Partner at Herbst Development


Troy Herbst is a partner at Herbst Development and Vice President of Terrible Herbst Oil Company. As vice president, Troy is not only invested business operations, but is also deeply involved in many of the daily functions of Terrible Herbst service stations. From their beginnings as a staple in Las Vegas, Nevada, Terrible Herbst now boasts over 120 service stations throughout the Southwest and have grown into a full entertainment experience. Each station offers convenience store services, car washes, oil changes and other vehicle maintenance. Their latest addition is a 50-thousand-square-foot travel plaza, Terrible’s Roadhouse, themed with a 13-foot Jack Link’s Sasquatch, a Monster Energy Lounge, a White Castle restaurant featuring a drive-thru, a 4,000 square-foot Candy Village and more.

By providing fun and engaging entertainment experiences, Troy Herbst seeks to live the Three C’s—Convenience, Customer service, and Community partnership. Troy and Terrible Herbst not only deliver on customer service effectively and efficiently by ensuring his customers receive exceptional experiences, he also incorporates themed activities, innovative lighting, video screens, and social media engagement opportunities to engage with fans no matter where they are. As many stations as possible fly a 100-150 foot American flag, sporting their patriotic roots. Troy is dedicated to expanding their dream across the Southwest, but remains firm in his vision to preserve the family-run and family-oriented essence of Terrible Herbst. Recently, they have implemented an app as part of their 365 Program, a program in which customers can win prizes or money daily at their stores. Customers can also earn points for their purchases and visits, and redeem prizes. These programs give back to their customers as a way to thank them for their loyalty.

Community Partnership

Troy’s Grandfather founded the business in the 1940s, and Terrible Herbst has been a staple of the city for over 60 years. As an American, family-owned company, Troy knows how much they owe to the boundless support of the local community of Las Vegas and Nevada at large. Terrible Herbst is committed to giving back to the community and supporting those around them in every way they can. They represent an expansive network of family partners in Las Vegas, working together to lift up the city.

In addition to delivering his customers with positive experiences, Troy Herbst also aspires to ensure his stations provide his community with safe environments. Every Terrible Herbst station is a community partner in Safe Place, which provides sanctuary for troubled youths. Convenience store employees are trained to appropriately engage with youth in need, provide helpful resources, and contact any necessary services. Troy ensures that his stations offer a place where those in need are encouraged to stop by and seek help.

Aside from his intimate involvement with his family-owned business, Troy Herbst remains committed to giving back to the community. For the past 12 years, Troy and Terrible Herbst have been a supporting partner with Chevron on donating to 98.5 KLUC’s Toy Drive. In the last 5 years, Terrible Herbst has been the major contributing partner in this cause, donating up to 5,000 bikes and roughly half a million dollars to purchase bikes and toys for children in Southern Nevada. Troy and Terrible Herbst are very proud of their most recent years of donating to this wonderful cause. Here are video recaps of those years: 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

When Troy Herbst isn’t overseeing daily Terrible Herbst operations, he drives in off road races. This passion is a family sport, beginning with Troy’s father, and continuing with Troy’s son, Riley Herbst who drives for Joe Gibbs Racing in the ARCA Racing series.


The University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

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