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In today’s business game, you must learn to adapt and adopt. Having flexibility to change the way you provide services, or market to people will affect your longevity within an industry. Businesses constantly try out new ideas, it is your job as leader to grab them and implement them into your business trends. But, after you do that, here are 5 questions to constantly ask yourself about your business.

How useful it it?

This is a question you should constantly ask about your product or service. Taking the focus away from the price for once, you can ask yourself how useful is my service. Will it create happiness or ease? Will someone buy into it and be happy that they spent their hard earned money on it? If your answer is yes, than you are on the right track to keeping your business relevant.

What need does it fulfill?

People want to buy into something that will make their lives better, or easier, whether it is helping someone achieve goals, or cutting their cooking time in half. Knowing the need your product fulfills is the first step in offering it. Asking this question will make you think about what exactly your business and service does. If it is something that puts a larger strain on someone’s life, than they are more likely to shy away from your business. If it something that will make their life easier, then they will buy into it. Ask yourself this question every time you are developing a new product, or trying to change what you offer.

Is it tweet-able?

The digital age has changed the way we view businesses. You must have something that can be repeated constantly in short sentences. If your business and product are tweet-able, more people will have access to it, and learn about it. Understanding how social media can affect products and services, will allow your business to stay relevant for those who are not apart of the digital age and those who are.

Does it make you proud?

Always ask yourself if your business is something that you are proud of. You spend the majority of your time tending to it, and developing it for others, it should at least be something that you are proud of, and will want to leave behind for future generations to have. The more your business makes a difference in the world, the better you will feel about it.

Times are changing, and companies are dropping faster than flies since they aren’t able to keep up with the new age. Asking yourself these questions every month will allow you to see the future in your business, whether it is changing what you offer, or keeping things the same.