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There are unique changes in digital marketing trends for 2020. Although the rapid advancement of technology continues, there is pushback on increased digitization of the interactions between consumers and brands. This is especially the case pertaining to automation as there is a desire to return to the human factor in marketing.

Data-driven marketing and technologies are big trends for 2020 but the main focus is people.


Advancements in technology and increased data collection have had a massive impact on what customers expect from brand interactions and the possible level of personalization.

Consumers today are flooded with marketing from so many channels that they’ve begun tuning them out. What is the answer when traditional advertising is no longer effective? The answer is personalized marketing that fosters a genuine connection between a brand and its target market. Consumers prefer doing business with brands that provide personalized experiences by 80%.

Customer Experience

The year 2020 is all about customer experience. Trends indicate a paramount shift in what is believed to define marketing. It’s no longer ab attempt to convince people to work with you or buy from your company, The priority is now about delivering incredible customer experiences that keep the customer returning for more. As you are focusing on providing great service and fostering a positive business culture, marketing will take care of itself. What you offer has to be more than just information.

Employee Engagement

Your employees are the human connection to your brand. Concentrating on the quality of their interactions with your customers is a key factor in your marketing strategy. Your employees must want your business to be successful. The number one reason that customers abandon brands is that employees are not knowledgeable or have poor attitudes.


Since voice search and smart speakers have exploded. While these advancements are influencing content creation, don’t neglect your visual content. Research shows that visual content is preferred over plain text. Image focused platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are proof of this.

Content marketing will dominate the landscape of digital marketing in 2020 and beyond. Most trends are based on content. Marketing continues to become more complex. To be successful, you must have a strong base of high-quality content spanning all of your marketing channels.