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Mistakes are an important part of life, as they are lessons on how to do better next time, and what you can do to prevent another one from happening. When you are a leader, you are held to a higher standard than most, and the way you handle your mistakes and shortcomings will be duplicated, talked about and reiterated by your peers and those who look to you to be better than them. The best thing for leaders who make mistakes, whether in their work or home life, is to own up to it, and construct ways that you may fix the problem.

Be transparent

A good leader will recognize that a mistake has been made, and deal with the issue head-on by sharing the information with other people in the business, whether it be employees that it will effect or clients. When something has gone wrong, it must be addressed and corrected as soon as possible. Being transparent about mistakes allows for the problem in a timely manner because you are not hiding it from anyone. Make sure to ask employees for their opinions on how to fix the problem, it may result in a quick fix that you would have overlooked without the opinions and strategies of your peers.

Be the first to acknowledge your mistake

As a leader, it is important to set an example for everyone else around you, and acknowledging your mistakes is the best way to do that. Yes, no one wants to admit that they’ve done something wrong, but your peers and employees will show you much more respect if you do not sweep it under the rug and own up to your mistake. Although it may feel agonizing at first, it will increase people’s confidence in you and allow you to move on to fixing the problem. Always be the first to break the news in a situation that you caused.

Learn from your mistake and move beyond it

Now that you have owned up to your mistakes and have attempted to fix them, it is essential that you now learn from them and no longer make the same mistake twice. Everyone messes up in their life, and a leader is no different. Every mistake made will teach you something going into the next part of your endeavors. Do not let fear of another mistake stop you from moving forward and being the best leader that you can be for others. The sooner you jump back into work, the easier it will be to implement the lessons that you have learned.

Your confidence in your work may have faltered during this mistake, but moving on, do not let fear of failing or making another mistake hold you back. You are a leader, and will run into self doubt, but it is important to remember the position that you are in. You can put the mistake into perspective, move on, and focus on the future.