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Culture has the ability to define a workplace, and it will make all the difference in the retention of employees and keeping them happy during their tenure at your company. According to TruPath, almost 65% of employees do not feel like their companies culture fits them personally, and most companies are falling extremely short in giving their employees what they need to be successful in their workplace. So how can companies build a modern-day work culture that will keep everyone happy and excited to come to work?

Create A Respectful Workplace

One of the most important aspects of a modern work culture is respect. Employees should feel respected by not only their peers but their superiors when going to work. In the light of so many issues that have plagued the workplace in the previous years, every company should start with building a respectful work environment for everyone. Not everyone in your office will have the same views as you, knowing how to respect them on a professional level will take your company to the next level of modern day work culture.

Enlist, Empower and Encourage

Getting people excited about the work that they do is the easiest way to build a better company culture. Let people share their thoughts and beliefs about the company, and help grow an environment where everyone feels empowered to do the work. Be mindful that in a large company everyone will have different opinions on the work that is done, but use this as an opportunity to cater to the needs of the employees and make their time there worth it. When someone “owns” the work that they do, it’ll rub off on other employees and create an atmosphere of growth.

Never Forget Your Purpose

Although companies have vision statements and goals to remind consumers why a company exists, usually what isn’t written down for outside sources to see is the reason the company really exist. If you make sure your employees understand know the purpose of working somewhere, then that is a step in building a modern work culture. When trying to build a dynamic work culture, everyone should be on the same page. The reason and purpose of a company are what fuels the passion of employees, that passion is needed when challenges arise.

Building a modern day work culture does not happen overnight, many companies are stuck in their old ways and will need guidance from not only higher ups but employees to create the environment that they want, and can be proud of.