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The spread of Covid-19 has forced us to change the way we do everything, including how we perform our jobs on a day to day basis. Even as cities start to open up, it’s becoming obvious that some things won’t return to the “normal” ways and that might be okay. Many professionals and business leaders are finding that some of the changes they have been forced to adopt have actually helped them become more productive.

Teams Will Work Better Together

In an office environment, it’s easy to take the other team members for granted. However, when everyone is working from home, the lines of communication must be improved. Each member of the team has to make a conscious effort to communicate with their co-workers by sending out messages, emails, phone calls. Once everyone is back in the office, they will realize that the isolation has helped them to become a stronger team, and they will carry those practices with them.

Software Will Focus on Remote Opportunities

Even after things get back to normal, the opportunities for remote work will continue to expand after the Covid-19 lockdowns have been eased. Moving forward, more workers will be looking for remote positions, and companies will be encouraging these positions whenever possible. Software developers are aware of this trend and will be creating products to help employers build teams that are comprised of in-house workers and remote workers. In the coming months, you can expect to see new software packages designed to help your teams work more efficiently together, wherever they may be working from.

Greater Emotional Support

Even for those who choose or prefer to work from home, the isolation this option entails does have an impact on the psyche. Now that business owners, managers, support staff, and others have all experienced the reality of remote work, there’s a growing interest in providing emotional support for remote workers. More companies are taking a greater interest in their employees’ emotional wellbeing, so it may not be long before emotional counseling and therapy services are added to the standard benefits packages.

Working from home has forced the entire workforce to come up with more efficient ways of communicating with one another. Above the dozens of other changes Covid-19 has brought about, these improvements in communication are here to stay. The new apps, communication policies, and personal communication habits will remain in use, helping employees work more productively with one another.