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A good bottom line is the byproduct of a good company culture. As much as profit and loss statements have a direct impact on your company’s long term well being, and maintaining a good company culture is every bit as important. Many business leaders are recognizing this fact and are striving to identify and magnify the culture of their company. It can be difficult to know if your company culture is effective, but there’s a few hints that may give you some sort of an idea. Here’s a look at a few of those.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

It’s incredibly easy to verbalize what your company believes in. You can talk about wanting to be a giving partner within your community, but employees, clients, and everyone around you will be able to quickly detect if you’re talking the talk or walking the walk. On an even deeper level, the behavior of the leaders within your company will dictate the culture within the walls. If you’re leaders are constantly late, missing meetings, and seeming uninterested, the culture of the company as a whole will quickly reflect that. Emulate what you want your company to be.

Purpose Driven Business

A strong company culture is deeply rooted on the presence of a company purpose. While business success is ultimately viewed in numbers, charts, and graphs, employee success is found in purpose. Motivating your employees to go above and beyond the minimum and realize that they are more than a means to an end. If employees feel like their well being is part of the company purpose, they will do more than it takes to get a paycheck and go home.

Trust From the Top Down

An excellent culture is built on trust. As the leader of an organization, the trust that needs to permeate every area of your business begins with you. A trusting culture will allow your employees to pursue their professional and personal goals without fear. A culture of trust allows people to collaborate on projects, bringing everything that is done to a higher level. People will trust you as their leader if you establish yourself as trustworthy. Before long, that trust will flow between co-workers and the entire company will be better off.

Establishing an excellent company culture will not only cause your organization to be more highly revered within the community, it will improve productivity within the business.